Marsden Conservative Club

The origins of Marsden Conservative Club lie in the year of 1865 when a group of gentleman got together to plan for the General Election. They met in various public houses and each other’s homes, until in 1908 they built and moved, into the existing building which was built and designed by local architect James Sheard Kirk.

The laying of the cornerstones of the new Marsden Conservative Club on 20th June 1908

al2_038-cleaned.jpgThe cornerstones were laid by Lady Beatrice Lister Kaye, Miss M.A. Crowther, of Stanley House, John M.A. Brooke and Captain Archibald Boyd Carpenter.

The ceremony took place at 3pm following a concert by Marsden Brass Band. The Mechanics’ Hall was booked for a ‘Knife and Fork Tea’.

trowel-350.jpgOn being presented with the trowel and wallet, Miss Crowther offered them back to the club for safe keeping and display.

From ‘The life and times of the Con, Marsden by David E. Wilkins